Monday, 17 October 2011

t i r e s o m e

Today was a tiresome day.

The kids were all a little hyped up during the lessons and then I had two and a half hours to kill between classes so it felt quite long. I spent my free time finishing off my lesson preparations for tomorrow....and then at about 8.45 tonight I got a phone call from the teacher saying the lesson is going to be different so I now have to find new topics for tomorrow instead. Slightly frustrating but not the end of the world!

At my school in Yutz it seems there are some older dudes who work at the school and watch over the kids during break times and in the corridors etc. I'm not sure but I think they might be quite close to my age maybe? I would really like to chat to them and find out because it would be great if they are! But I don't know if I will get much chance to or not since we seem to have quite clashy timetables. Who knows.

Ah well, here is a little update on the drawing front:

A nice little view on the left there of my usual work space....pretty green eh? Also notice the makeshift drawing board made from the cardboard box my fridge arrived in! Dear oh dear, it does the job though so Ican't complain. The drawing itself has a fair bit to go yet, as soon as it's finished I'll crack straight on with the next one, I'm really keen to just improve my drawing skills as much as possible while I'm here since painting isn't really an option.

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