Thursday, 20 May 2010

A currant occurence.

Currants are harder to draw than one might expect. I feel the main mistake was giving him shoes instead of toes. Plus the little grumpy squiggle isn't grumpy enough. It just looks confused. Hurmph.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Not at all ridiculously Tall.

Sketchy ideas and stuff.

In amongst the silly little text drawings I've been doing I have still been giving thought to my more proper pieces. There have been a few ideas floating around, one I'm looking into at the moment is doing white on black. I think it looks better this way. I shall also be trying out the idea of drawing with thread in a similar style and I may also return to the paints at long last which I'm pretty excited about! :) For painting I'm going to try out more scoring techniques and look to draw in the paint by removing it rather than layering it on. I do want to do some full on painty paintings though too! :) I already have an outcome in my head for one piece that I'm pretty keen on doing.

Well would you look at that, the sunlight is appearing! I guess I better go to bed.

Charlie and Joe

Charlie And Joe

I Knew Two Crows Named Charlie and Joe
Beautiful, Black And Feathered
Strange Of All
They Answered Call
To A Little Old Lady,

Pretty awful quality I know but you at least you get some idea of what it's like at least. It's a true story by the way. Granny feeds the birds a lot and a few years ago there was a time that if she went out to the garden and shouted on Charlie and Joe, these two massive crows would come and sit on the tree every time! :)

It's not a proper finished piece, just a sketch towards one. I spent about 10.5 hours on it though just doodling away while watching Spaced :) It was good. That sounds like a really long time but it includes all the drawing, searching for each individual letter, the cutting and sticking and the replacing of each letter everytime I breathed and sent the letters flying off the page! Most frustrating. The rhyme isn't amazing but it's satasfactory I think. I wanted to keep it very short and simple so that it will fit with all the other pieces I have in mind. When I do the 'real' version of this idea I shall probably keep the background white and the birds will probably be in different position completely.

I'm begining to think that I enjoy art the most when the process is tinged with obsession. I did the whole thing in two sittings and would have preffered to have done it in one, (I probably would have if I hadn't had to get up so early the next day). I find it hard to stop drawing when I start these, it's addictive and such a good feeling when hours later you really look at how much you've done. I'm very much enjoying drawing in the middle of the night again, it's been too long!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Definitely Art of a sort.

So when James pulled out his seven letters at the start of the game he managed to spell out his summer job! What are the chances of that? Maybe it's just destiny....