Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Because I didn't want my eyes to pop.

Today I took a break from drawing because my eyes were stinging from having to work so hard recently (all the concentration to tiny detail is hard work for them!) it really reminded me of stressful 4th year days! So what did I do instead? Well it was raining outside so I stayed home and tried to brush up my grammar a little.

My French just seems to suck and trying to make it all stick in my head just seems really difficult. Sometimes I think I don't have a real brain and my head is actually just packed full of giant slabs of lasagne.

I tried to sort out my website a little bit tonight but I'm not sure it was all that successful. I really feel I'm lacking my more colourful work but I'm not sure painting is much of an option here so might just have to wait 'til December. I guess I could check out pastels or something. We'll see what ends up.

This is a little taste of what I was working on yesterday, it still has a fair way to go yet but it's interesting working in red instead of black for a change. I'm in two minds about what to do now. I am feeling really keen for some drawing but it's just after midnight so should I be going to bed instead? Decisions decisions. It is the holidays...

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