Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Goodbye to August

Work is over and I am free! :)

Been sketching away in my books and a new roll of A0 white paper arrived on my doorstep yesterday so I'm getting ready to draw all over that too. While I have been drawing I have been listening to a lot of music which has been really nice.

Top 10 songs at the moment (roughly speaking and in no particular order!):

From the album Torches, I really love Pumped up Kicks as well.

I love Everything Everything so much! Have been unable to stop listening to them all year, never get sick of them. Not sure I really have a favourite song of theirs to be honest but I really like the jumper he wears in this video so there you go. The song is from the album Man Alive, if you don't know it you should give it a listen. It sounds like discos in space.

I avoided listening to this band for a very long time, what a mistake. This is definitely my favourite song of theirs, I think it is from their newest album.

Taken from the album Angles, it is my favourite song to listen to in the car at the moment. I am not fussed on much of their older music but I really like this album.

I hate that most of these links are not to proper videos, sorry! There isn't a lot I can do about that though. Keane may not be the most popular choice but I listen to them a surprising amount! There is always at least one song of theirs in my main playlist and it seems I have finally moved on from Crystal Ball to this one here. Really love the album Night Train, the other song I particularly like from it is Your Love - reminds me of strange mix of 80s disco and the piece of music from Mulan when she decides to pretend she is a man...

Again I love the whole album but I think this one may just slightly sneak ahead as my favourite. I don't think I'll ever get sick of these songs either.

From the album Acolyte. I am quite new to Delphic, Amazon has been trying to make me listen to them for ages but I didn't give them very much time. Now that I have listened more properly I have fallen in love with this song.

Not sure why I have been listening to this one recently. I just have.

Normally I'd be rooting for The Whitest Boy Alive more than Kings of Convenience but I like the lyrics to this song and it's so catchy it is always stuck in my head.

Before Latitude my favourite song was Silver line but after seeing them live I have moved on to Who Cares What the Question Is because it was so good when they played it! The video for this one is much better than their others.

Friday, 19 August 2011

The start of something new

It appears I am still working with white ink, graphite and tracing paper layers! I really had my heart set on painting but inspiration struck and sadly it just didn't ask for paint.

Monday, 15 August 2011


Well the last few months have been crazy busy...I have finished my degree show, graduated, moved out of my flat and I finally have concrete plans for the next year! I have accepted a post as an English assistant in France which will run from October until April so that is pretty exciting. It is about 12 hours work a week so that should leave plenty of time for art and exploring as well.

It has been hard to fit much drawing or painting in around all this hectic nonsense but I have a few days off at the moment so I am trying to get as much done as possible. In the meantime, here are some pictures from my degree show since I never got round to putting them up earlier.