Monday, 4 October 2010

Ho hum.

Well. What a productive day.
I got to the studio at about 7.10am and left at 7.00pm! And worked non-stop the entire time I was there. I'm getting pretty good at this 'on the ball' business. I done a heap of work on the pic of Justice and so might take my camera in sometime to show you the progress soon. I also stretched up a new board and then spent another heap of hours working into the surface pattern of another experimental piece which uses an old self-portrait of mine for the base. Poor Demetri is dying.

Since I don't have any pics of the current woke I am doing I will just stick up the images of some cards I created and got prints of over the summer for selling. I did 8 designs, all black ink on white card, all with their own ugly charm :)

I did an A1 piece for the exhibition based on this idea too, it was not for sale as I grew rather attached to him after Dad gave him a name :) The bear (Shamu) in that piece is a lot grizzlier though and takes up the whole paper.

This is my favourite card design I think. I also did an A1 piece based on this pic, it is the one that I know has been sold already.

Some people ( wee granny :) ) do not like the layout of the text for this piece and would rather it was all bunched at the top. I however, like it this way. And I am the boss.

It worries me how many people don't get the joke.....come on.....pigs may fly.....gravity as in pulling down....down as in there in the end eh?

The other thought for this imagery was 'good things come to those who wait' rather than 'good luck'. I like the cruel humour in that idea but I didn't think it would be as appropriate for a card.

This is based on my brother because he is tall and lanky. I like playing with words, letters and spacing.

Not a tall.
Not at all.

I did two more pieces of similar idea to this in the show.

This card was made because 'Thank you' is a good thing to say. It's a bit more cheesy pun but I can forgive myself that because I like the way the chimp turned out :)

I also made the turtle pic in the yesterday's entry a card too, but there is clearly no need to upload it all over again.
I have plenty of cards so am selling them whenever possible. Some are on sale at the show and the rest are here with me. I have had quite a few sets requested so that's good. If anyone want's them, they just need to ask.

Seriously, I have them coming out my ears pretty much.

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