Monday, 15 November 2010

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Quick update:

I took my Kilau exhibition down the other week...turns out it went really well! I sold 5 works, a whole heap of cards and I also got commissioned a piece too so I was over the moon and still kind of am :) I honestly wasn't expecting it to go so well. I got great feedback from the staff, apparently it was the best selling exhibition there so far and also sparked the most interest/good comments from people! Finding out all of this has made me feel so much more confident in the studio.

I had a great day in the studio today, I was in for about 9 hours which was good. I finally feel like I have 'clicked' and I think I'm starting to get somewhere with my drawings. Up 'til now everything has felt like a constant experiment but today I drew out a portrait and started layering tracing paper on it and working on the new layers and I feel like I've found the right route to where I'm trying to get at last. I'm hoping to get a lot done this week, I will have to take my camera to share the progress as I haven't put anything proper up for ages.

The pier got my drawings in time and so I think they are both going to be in the show. They are definitely in the store room there anyway so that's good.

My dissertation is going well, I have written 2/3 the word count and I just had a tutorial with Ewan which was very helpful indeed. I now know what I want to include in my last section of main writing and then once I have done that I just need to edit it.

Out of the studio, I have been busy applying to language courses and placements for next year. Waiting on reference from tutor and then will get them posted soon I hope. It looks like I should be able to take evening classes next semester which would be fantastic. I am not so great at French these days but hopefully it will all come back to memory quickly.

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