Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Half way there....almost. Need to spend a few more hours on the one of Kit as is blatently obvious but I'm quite happy with how it's going I think. Thought I'd stick up the completed version of Dad since I never bothered before and then decided it's good to see them all together anyway.

Here I am with my own portrait to give better idea of scale and also just thought it might be nice for you to see for yourself the bits I've changed/emphasised etc.

Two problems with this photo:
-I have my face pointed at the wrong angle so you don't actually get to see the right face shape down edge of cheekbone etc that I was focusing on in drawing.
-I misjudged my grumpy expression a bit but still, hopefully you get the idea.

I might put a photo up when I've got all six finished and hung in studio for assessments. At some point I hope to get a photo with each sitter and their piece. That won't be able to happen for a long time though.

Hope you like the jumper in the pic too, I like it because it's just quite ugly. I got a bunch of knitting needles recently and I'm hoping to pick it up again soon as I have the day I will be able to knit jumpers this beautfully ugly all by myself! :)

I Can't Wait.

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